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Tim Coffey is a composer, educator, and music producer.


Tim specializes in orchestral and instrumental music both digitally and acoustically. As a composer, Tim is very cognizant of the benefits that musical technology provides and feels it is a helpful tool that can streamline the composition process. Tim combines composition on acoustic instruments with the digital elements of Logic Pro and Finale. The resulting works are often well-rounded compositions that benefit from the multidimensional aspect of their creation. In addition to utilizing the growing abilities of Digital-Audio Workstations, Tim works with musicians to perform his compositions. He feels that a great deal of musical meaning is retained in the collective agreement of gathered perspectives. For this reason, Tim strives to have many live performances.


At the University of Rhode Island, Tim studied music composition with Dr. Eliane Aberdam, Dr. Kirsten Volness, Dr. Geoffrey Gibbs, and Joe Parillo. He has also studied conducting with Ann Danis.


Tim has scored films/media for Skywardfilm, The Rhode Island Film Commission, Ryan Casey, Andrew Pilkington, David Bettencourt, and others. Beyond work in music Tim is a professional gondolier, an intermediate blacksmith, and an amateur wine maker.


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